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WWE Metal (originally known as WWF Metal) was a professional wrestling television program produced by the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE). The show aired syndicated weekly from 1999 until 2002 and replaced WWF Shotgun Saturday Night. Originally produced under the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) banner, they were replaced by the similarly formatted WWE Bottom Line and WWE Afterburn in syndication.

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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WWE Velocity is a professional wrestling television program that was produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It replaced two syndicated WWE shows, Jakked/Metal. Once a weekly Saturday night show on Spike TV and on Sky Sports 2 in the UK on Sunday mornings, Velocity became a webcast from 2005 to 2006. The newest episode would be uploaded to WWE.com on Saturdays and be available for the next week. Older webcast episodes were also archived. It served as a supplementary show to the SmackDown brand, focusing more exclusively on its mid-card performers and matches, and was recorded before the week's television taping of SmackDown.

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WWE Velocity was primarily used to summarize major occurrences on the latest episode of SmackDown!, which aired Thursday and later Friday nights on UPN. Due to the WWE Brand Extension, Velocity aired matches and content from the SmackDown brand. The format was set to mirror that of WWE Heat and its relation to the Raw brand. Following Raw's move from Spike TV back to the USA Network in 2005, Velocity and its Raw brand counterpart, Heat, were discontinued from television broadcast in the United States and Canada and became webcasts streamed on WWE.com. Internationally, Velocity and Heat continued to be broadcast on their respective television networks due to WWE's international programming commitments. The last episode of Velocity aired internationally on June 10, 2006. It was also the last episode to be streamed on WWE.com.

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