Kurs mod fjerne kyster - Netflix

Beha Erichsens and his family is on a 3 year long trip around the world with the ship Havana. So there are plenty television programs on hold for "Kurs mod fjerne kyster"

Kurs mod fjerne kyster - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Danish

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-18

Kurs mod fjerne kyster - Juncker (singer) - Netflix

Christian Juncker (born in Holstebro, Denmark) better known by his mononym Juncker is a Danish pop singer, songwriter and guitarist signed to Columbia Records, and later to ArtPeople and eventually Target Records. He started in 1995 in the Danish band Bloom and in the 2000s formed for some time a duo in collaboration with Jakob Groth Bastiansen known also as Juncker. Christian has developed a solo singer-songwriter career and had a comeback with the song “Havana” in 2014, the theme of the Danish television series Kurs Mod Fjerne Kyster. The sing was co-written by Christian Juncker and Henrik Balling. He also worked as a musical pop duo for some time

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Promotional singles 2004: “Snork City Blues” 2004: “Mogens og Karen” 2006: “Bad Vibes” Singles

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